Here I'll be submitting short (and in some case really short) stories based on imagery I found inspiring. Some times the stories may be incomplete or early drafts due to limited available time. They are open to critique or even criticism if deemed necessary by the reader. The intention of this section to get ideas out there and open for discussion. In time I hope to other can submit to the page an everyone can get something from it, whether it be entertainment, inspiration or a good lesson on what not to do with a potential narrative.


With little memory of his past, all he knows is that life wasn't always like this. The fading images of the past still haunt him, as if trying to draw him away from his new responsibilities. With the forces of nature at his finger tips, it is his task alone to undo then damage inflicted by humanity.  Written by Paul Thompson (Coming soon)


The Last Acolyte, or that's at least the name 'The Effigy' used to describe what she'd become. Heading into danger with nothing but a crash course in saving the world and a mission that's extremely time sensitive, or so he keeps telling her. If she'd ever hoped for a mentor, The Effigy wouldn't have been her first choice.

Written by Paul Thompson (Coming soon)


From pioneering nano-tech engineer to space pirate and wanted fugitive; Hectors career has taken a few twists and turns since his actions led to the downfall of human society. The past can’t be changed, but with a dark future drawing ever-closer, maybe he has one last chance at redemption. Written by Paul Thompson (Coming soon)