Chrome ‘N’ Fuzzy

Chloe & Ava (sisters) are almost home from school when it first catches their eye; an eruption of rainbow coloured light coming from where their house should be. Compelled to investigate, they soon find themselves in the middle of a battle between two armour-clad heroes and a group of fearsome baddies, with the latter trying to escape through a swirling technicolor vortex. Afterwards, with the house destroyed and the girl’s little brother kidnapped, the heroes make a snap decision to take the sisters with them, but only after the girls insist. There’s only one catch. In order for their fragile human bodies to survive the journey, they would need to be shielded from the portal’ s energy. The two synthetic looking hero’s, one resembling a Cat, and one a Quail (animals open to change), must self-sacrifice, re-designating their bodies and components to encase each of the girls in unique armoured costumes.



From pioneering nano-tech engineer to space pirate and wanted fugitive; Hectors career has taken a few twists and turns since his actions led to the downfall of human society. The past can’t be changed, but with a dark future drawing ever-closer, maybe he has one last chance at redemption. Written by Paul Thompson (Coming soon)


Children of Orbis - A Novel

The planet plays host to an evolved version of humanity, with all truth of their origin lost to myth and legend over generations. For centuries the survivors wandered the wastelands, drawn to mysterious sites rich with a mineral they called Meta-coral. This versatile compound became the corner stone of a new civilization, religion and way of life.

The Suu-Vitan and O'sar became the two dominant clans of a thriving, yet turbulent society. Their opposing values and beliefs created segregation and eventually led them to war. The conflict lasted for over a century and left millions dead. It was at that point where war had taken over every aspect of their lives, that they were blessed by the arrival of the Acolytes; 5 strange warriors from a land beyond the wastes.

The Acolytes brought about the end of the Long War, but were never seen again after the final battle, leaving only a prophecy that they would come to aid when the dark times returned. Their sacrifice served as a monumental example, and since that day the citizens of Porta Orbis have enjoyed and era of peace , the prophecised return of evil ignorantly forgotten as the years go by.


With little memory of his past, all he knows is that life wasn't always like this. The fading images of the past still haunt him, as if trying to draw him away from his new responsibilities. With the forces of nature at his finger tips, it is his task alone to undo then damage inflicted by humanity.  Written by Paul Thompson (Coming soon)


The Last Acolyte, or that's at least the name 'The Effigy' used to describe what she'd become. Heading into danger with nothing but a crash course in saving the world and a mission that's extremely time sensitive, or so he keeps telling her. If she'd ever hoped for a mentor, The Effigy wouldn't have been her first choice.

Written by Paul Thompson (Coming soon)