Children of Orbis - A Novel - Paperback

Children of Orbis - A Novel - Paperback


A thousand years after mankind’s destruction, in the next age of Earth...

The planet plays host to an evolved version of humanity, with all truth of their origin lost to myth and legend over generations. For centuries the survivors wandered the wastelands, drawn to mysterious sites rich with a mineral they called Meta-coral. This versatile compound became the corner stone of a new civilization, religion and way of life.

The Suu-Vitan and O'sar became the two dominant clans of a thriving, yet turbulent society. Their opposing values and beliefs eventually led them to war. The conflict lasted for over a century and left millions dead. It was at that point where war had taken over every aspect of their lives, that they were blessed by the arrival of the Acolytes; 5 strange warriors from a land beyond the wastes. The Acolytes forced both sides to see how their destructive nature threatened their existence, enlightening them to acknowledge the true enemy hidden in plain sight.

The Acolytes brought about the end of the Long War, but were never seen again after the final battle, leaving only a prophecy that they would come to aid when the dark times returned. Their sacrifice served as a monumental example, and since that day the citizens of Porta Orbis have enjoyed and era of peace lasting over 20 years, the prophecised return of evil ignorantly forgotten as the years pass..

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