Children of Orbis update plus info on future projects!

I'm excited to report that my first novel is still on schedule of the April/May release date. I'm thinking more like early May, so I can make sure everything's just right. I'll be self publishing through Amazon in digital format and print on demand for the first three months. Shortly after the release of the book, I plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of future issues as well as future DSM products. There will be original artwork and prints for those who choose to contribute as well as other prizes. Keep an eye on over the summer to see what else we have to offer.

I'm currently putting a team together to start production on an indie game related to the universe as well as graphic novel versions of the books to be released in the years to come. Children of Orbis originally started life as a script for a series of comics and evolved over a decade to become a novel.

I find the creative process of other artist and writers immensely interesting and I thought it'd be a waste if I didn't document my own experience. Another product I plan to release will be a 'making of' book including two completed issues of the comic, written and illustrated by myself, and the creative process throughout the production. I was traveling Malaysia back in 2008, sketching out early illustations of my characters when I came across 'The Making of a Graphic Novel: The Resonator' by Prentis Rollins.  It played a big part in motivating me to get the ball rolling and become a writer. You'll find a link at the bottom of the page if you'd like to read it.

More posts to follow...