Children of Orbis - A novel by Paul Thompson coming Spring 2018


A thousand years after humanity's destruction, in the next age of Earth, the planet plays host to an evolved version of mankind. The Suu’Vitan and O’sar make up the dominant species of their turbulent world, the truth of their origin lost to myth and legend over generations.


For centuries, the two races fought over land they believed sacred, resorting to barbaric violence on the most primal level . It was at that moment, when war had taken over every aspect of their lives, that they were blessed by the arrival of the Acolytes; five strange warriors from beyond the Terran badlands.


The strangers brought an end to the war, but mysteriously vanished after the final battle, leaving only their word that they would come back when the evil returned. Since that day the Suu’vita and O’sar have enjoyed an era of peace, the prophesied return of evil ignorantly forgotten as the years go by...

Paul Thompson