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I had the idea to create this online space as an outlet for my thoughts and ideas, as well as a means of developing them further. Ideas seem to appear out of nowhere and disappear just as fast, so it's important to act on them quickly. Sometimes you're onto something, and sometimes it's crap, but if you don't give the thought a chance you'll never know. The process is usually a learning experience even if it doesn’t work out. There's still a lot to be got from failure.

When something new pops up in my head, whether its a possible tattoo design or a idea for a science fiction novel, it starts with a simple sketch or a bunch of badly spelled notes, nastily jotted down or typed into the memos section on my phone. Coming for an illustration background, a lot of my story ideas begin with sketching out the characters or environment. Whether the images are used in the finished product or not, I find them an important part of the process that helps me visualize and develop the narrative.

My hope is that DSM helps people realize the relevance of an individuals imagination, and the importance of finding like-minded people to help fan the flames of creativity and help it grow. Every human on the planet it constantly inspired by another creativity in one way or another, usually without conscience acknowledgement. It influences your decisions in what clothes you choose to wear or vehicle to drive, to movies and books you enjoy, even the food you’re eat and how to put the ingredients together. Everyone needs an outlet, yet the requirement is often pushed aside to make way for the mundane lifestyle a lot of us face. I think we’re heading for a change as a species and I hope we can do our part in giving people the motivation to do something they enjoy.


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Paul Thompson